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Sakthi Schools

At the heart of Sakthi Foundation's mission is the belief in freedom and self-independence, with education as the catalyst for empowerment. Namma Veedu Sendurai, established in December 2007, marked the beginning of our transformative journey. In the picturesque town near Madurai, surrounded by hills, our school in Sendurai has been a guiding light for the predominantly farming community.

Expanding our impact, Namma Veedu Porayar joined our family in September 2011, followed by Namma Veedu Coimbatore in May 2012. These milestones represent our commitment to breaking financial barriers that hinder educational opportunities, especially in economically challenged regions. Each school is a testament to our dedication to providing quality education, fostering a love for learning in every child.

In a significant collaboration, May 2017 witnessed the establishment of Andavar Middle School in partnership with Andavar Government Middle School in Porayar. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to reaching diverse communities and creating meaningful educational experiences. We are proud to celebrate these milestones and invite you to join us in shaping a future where every child has the opportunity to thrive. Your continued support ensures that the spirit of education and self-independence flourishes in the hearts and minds of children across diverse regions.


Teachers and Staffs

A dedicated team of 25+ educators and staff, committed to inspiring the next generation.



Empowering over 1000+ students to thrive academically and personally.



Nurturing minds and communities across 4+ educational institutions.



Over 15+ years of educational excellence, shaping futures with passion and expertise.

  • “Thanks for not stressing with loads of books, home works.”

  • my child have gained knowledge which is higher than what his elder brother knows

  • “My child is Accepting the mistakes and self correcting it now”

  • Change in my child long play hours and now much focusing with hand activities at home

  • “Best thing is he is having Awareness about panchabhoothas energy and conservation”